Family Fun

by Yolanda

This wonderful family was so much fun to photograph.  Not only are they clients but they are also dear friends I’ve known since before we were able to relocate to Dallas.  As the Mom of 3 boys I can’t help but to enjoy catching the raw uninhibited energy of boys and D had all kinds of energy for this phenomenal photo shoot.  His sister is one of my favorite redheads ever- so sweet and so gorgeous (she can’t help it- look at her Mom!) Thank you so much to the K family for allowing me to capture each special moment with your beautiful family.  Here are the images from our afternoon of fun in the park:

Yolanda Photography Family Children Photographer

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Engagement Session- Natasha and Keith

by Yolanda

This enchanting couple gave me an engagement session to remember. They radiate the love they share and as we walked around capturing special moments in our session people from all around couldn’t help but stop and stare and how stunning they are together. I rarely had to give any direction at all, I just sat back and watched them interact not just as a young couple on their way to marriage but friends with a firm foundation connected spiritually in a way only God could bring together.

Congratulations to you both- your future is so blessed and bright I can’t wait to see all of the joy and beauty it beholds.

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by Yolanda

The other side of the mirror is completed with a beautiful baby boy for this beautiful family featured here:


Congratulations K and P you are truly blessed!

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Senior 2008

by Yolanda


This phenomenal Senior is about to embark on the next step in his life- college!  A talented athlete, scholar, and most importantly dedicated son this young man is such an inspiration.   To be honest I spent most of this session welled up with tears- trying to imagine how it will feel when my own boys(currently 3 and  5 years old) are old enough to graduate from high school and head to college.  However, his wise mother reassured me that once you have cared for, prayed over, and planted the important values and lessons which will carry them through life it’s not nearly as difficult to allow your child to sprout wings and fly into their adult lives.  Congratulations to you C- you have such a bright and blessed future ahead you definitely need those shades.

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Blessed Beauty

by Yolanda


I’ll never forget my first pregnancy. We planned to have our first child at a time when due to some medical issues we weren’t sure if we’d get pregnant immediately or it could have taken years with lots of help. We were blessed with a quick pregnancy that proved to be the most wonderful and most trying time of my life. Even through the 9 months of all day sickness (the nausea never quite went away for me) I felt the most beautiful I’ve ever felt in my life. My skin glowed, my hair was brilliantly shiny, and my expanding waist only added to the grace and gratitude I felt with each passing day. This special family reminds me of just how beautiful pregnancy can truly be.

The Mom and Dad could easily grace the covers of magazines and the girls? Let’s just say these pictures involved absolutely NO posing on my part - it’s all them:



They had a lovely time telling me of their excitement about their new baby brother. Surely if they listen hard enough they can hear just how much he already loves his big sisters too:


P and K thank you for sharing this blessedly beautiful moment, I can’t wait to see this special and bright little baby boy named Jeremiah make his grand entrance.


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by Yolanda


After a long hiatus I’m happy to finally have found a bit more time to start updating this website more often.  There will be an announcement soon about the arrival of my full portfolio.

Until then enjoy these pictures from an absolutely effortless model.  He’s not professional but very easily could be, and yes he’s just as handsome in person as he is in photos.  Congrats to Mom and Dad on recently celebrating his 5th birthday- a delightful time for a truly delightful boy.


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Soul Windows

by Yolanda


If the eyes are the window to the soul then this little guy has a soul with such depth and beauty it’s impossible not to be captivated . It was such a pleasure to take pictures of darling little R, he cooperated so well for each pose. Such gorgeous eyes and enchanting smile- A you have a natural model in the making.



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Bella Ballerina

by Yolanda


Photographing mothers and mothers to be is always such a spiritual and serene event. Its amazing to watch how moms grow and bloom with their precious little ones. Sharing in this special time with a breathtaking ballerina turned out to be a lovely and rewarding experience.

The Ballerina is soon expecting her second child and first daughter- it was impossible to resist capturing the ballet slippers of both Mommy and soon to be ballet princess.



We were certainly taken off guard when the Ballerina got en pointe in her slippers. She assured us that she was just getting more comfortable but it is a true testament of how skillful  and incredibly graceful she is to do this feat in the last month of pregnancy:


It was a joy to capture your beauty and grace. Thank you for allowing me to reflect the glow of love and graciousness that emanates from your being as a ballerina and mother to one gorgeous little guy. Congratulations K- I can’t wait to meet your new Bella Ballerina Princess!


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Sleeping Beauty

by Yolanda

This precious little girl was so sweet to behold. You can’t help but smile when you see this much cuteness all bundled into one tiny adorable package.

She slept through our entire session but couldn’t help but smile for Mommy even in her dreams.


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by Yolanda

Have you ever met someone who had a flawless type of beauty- not just hair and skin but internal which radiates from the very depth of their being. This lovely bride simply glows in all of the love and blessings bestowed upon her soon to be nuptials. We had a wonderful time celebrating at her bridal shower, full of memories and moments I will always cherish. L- you are the epitome of a beautiful spirit and I am so excited about your wedding day. You don’t even need to purchase shoes, without a doubt you will simply float down the aisle in such beauty and grace your feet won’t even need to touch the ground.



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