Blessed Beauty

April 23rd, 2008 by Yolanda


I’ll never forget my first pregnancy. We planned to have our first child at a time when due to some medical issues we weren’t sure if we’d get pregnant immediately or it could have taken years with lots of help. We were blessed with a quick pregnancy that proved to be the most wonderful and most trying time of my life. Even through the 9 months of all day sickness (the nausea never quite went away for me) I felt the most beautiful I’ve ever felt in my life. My skin glowed, my hair was brilliantly shiny, and my expanding waist only added to the grace and gratitude I felt with each passing day. This special family reminds me of just how beautiful pregnancy can truly be.

The Mom and Dad could easily grace the covers of magazines and the girls? Let’s just say these pictures involved absolutely NO posing on my part - it’s all them:



They had a lovely time telling me of their excitement about their new baby brother. Surely if they listen hard enough they can hear just how much he already loves his big sisters too:


P and K thank you for sharing this blessedly beautiful moment, I can’t wait to see this special and bright little baby boy named Jeremiah make his grand entrance.


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